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Lockdown Drill

Today, Dooley School practiced a Hard Lockdown Drill under the guidance of the Schaumburg Police Department. We hold at least two lockdown drills each year so that students and staff are familiar with the best practices should there ever be a crisis situation in the school. Today’s drill was an unannounced drill so that we could test our systems and evaluate how we respond.  Although the drill was a surprise, it was announced that it was a drill so the students were not frightened.

After each drill, we reflect as a staff and with local emergency responders to determine if there are any procedures we might need to review with the staff and students. The police said they were impressed with how well our students and staff did during the drill.  We obviously hope never to need to use these procedures, but it helps all involved to know that they have the skills needed to respond if an emergency should arise.

The safety of your children is very important to our staff. Should you have any questions about this drill, please don’t hesitate to contact us.