Oct ‘20
8pm - 9pm
Schaumburg Oyanokai Zoom Meeting

At our 2nd Schaumburg Oyanokai meeting, WHERE ARE THEY NOW?, we will have Our Dooley Dual Alumni Guest Speaker, Ms. Akira Di Sandro!!! 

She shares how Dooley helped her etc.     Join Zoom Meeting this Wed. 10/21 at 8pm.

Meeting ID: 836 4429 3360 
Passcode: 005931

 Our agenda includes:

  • Online Study Buddy/Support program: We pair up the students in need of educational and cultural support to provide both Japanese and English help.
  • Teacher’s Grant: As always, teachers will get monetary support from SO to purchase what they need for Japanese education.
  • Scholarship Program: New! This is the opportunity for high schoolers.


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