April 30, 2021

Schaumburg Oyanokai is excited to host Virtual Culture Night at 7:00, tonight.  All Dooley students are welcome!  Please see below for the Zoom Link, activities, special guests, and supplies needed.2021 CultureNight Draft v2.pdf 

We hope to see you on Zoom!

For Taiko, Please have a pillow ready in stead of plate and chopsticks.  

Zoom Link (Zoomリンク) 

KOTO: Yuma Okada (Dooley Alumni graduated in 2016) & Shune Okada (Dooley Alumni graduated in 2020)

TAIKO: Taira Shinohara (Dooley Alumni graduated in 2018)
KARATE:  Shinichiro Miyamoto

ORIGAMI: Jon Herrity

GO: Xinming (Simon) Guo

Flyer for Japanese Culture Night