August 23, 2020

We are excited for Monday!  Our staff will be utilizing Zoom for class meetings and live instruction beginning on Monday.  For Zoom on both iPad and Chromebook, it is important for students to sign into Zoom first before they actually get into a Zoom session. There are videos below to show how students sign in, and how they will use links to get into a Zoom.   Please have your child sign into Zoom today so they are ready to go on Monday morning.  If you have difficulty, please email [email protected]

Important Technology Notes for the First Day

District 54 has created a Family Resources site that families can access to learn how to navigate the apps and programs that students will be using.

Additional resources for the apps and sites that teachers use will be added. What is on the site as of this moment are the “need to knows” for the start of the school year.

How Students Will Join Classes on the First Day

We have created a brief run-through of how students in K-2 and 3-8 will sign in and be present in their classes on the first day. The videos highlight 3 key points – How to login/join, how to switch between classes, and how to navigate to tasks/activities. There is a video for Seesaw and a video for Google Classroom. The 2 videos combined take up a total of just under 7 minutes.

Students Starting School Using Seesaw

Students Starting School Using Google Classroom

For K-2 Families

Each day, please remember to open Seesaw and go to your child’s Homeroom class and navigate to activities for the day.  This will allow you to obtain the Zoom link for the daily morning meeting.

Using Zoom on the iPad Tutorial – For Students 

For 3-8 Families

We want to provide a resource to help your child navigate Zoom! Here is a tutorial for students on how they can navigate and use Zoom using their Chromebook!  Please watch the tutorial prior to Monday.

Using Zoom on the Chromebook Tutorial – For Students

Please have your children check their Gmail accounts prior to the first day of school.  They will have an email that provides all the necessary codes to join their Google Classrooms.

Internet Access

Hotspots are also available for financially struggling families who don’t have internet access at home. Please contact our office if you are experiencing financial hardships and need a hotspot. 

Device Support

Our Technology Department has been working to support students and staff as we all learn and work remotely. We understand that some families are experiencing slow speeds or problems with their providers, and we ask you to report that directly to your provider.

People experiencing problems with District 54 technology (Chromebooks and iPads for students) should email [email protected] so that we can troubleshoot the problem via phone or email. If the problem cannot be resolved, we have a technology drop-off program. To schedule an appointment to drop off a broken laptop, iPad or other device, you must first email [email protected].  Please do not stop by without an appointment. By making an appointment, we can abide by the rules of social distancing and ensure we have a replacement device ready for you when you arrive.